Enjoy life at a leisurely pace without missing anything

Slow is Good

We are there for you, so you can fully enjoy your experience

Every season has its colours

Let's take our time

We take all efforts so can experience the best version of yourself surrounded by nature, friends, companions and fellow riders. The premises of the Oasis make it possible to escape from the stress of everyday life and relax. Every season has colours that suit you.


Spring provides energy for our mind and body. Nature comes back to life with its vegetation, colours and activities. Awaken your curiosity and spirit of discovery, prepare yourself for new goals and challenges to bring out the best in you. It's time to grow again.


Summer is harvesting time. The climate and long days produce fruits that are useful for the rest of the year. It is strenuous, but the harvest does not wait, we must be motivated and committed.


Autumn is the time of completion, after the harvest we take the final touches, for the patient closing of this year’s circle. The art of man and nature transforms the fruits and invents recipes that arouse emotions and joie de vivre.


Winter gives the ground time to rest, but nature does not stand still. It's the moment to reflect and prepare for a fresh start in spring. It's time for ideas, dreams and projects.

For us, every season is good

There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing (proverb)
All of our activities focus on your well-being